Chrisman Mill Vineyards proudly presents “Fuego”, our bold, new wood-fired dining, CLEAN eating experience, infusing Latin-American and Argentinian-inspired dishes, all hand-prepared with LOCALLY-SOURCED, ALL-NATURAL and ORGANIC ingredients.  All our meats and vegetables are cooked on an Authentic Argentinian Grill in our outdoor kitchen nestled right in the middle of the vineyard. Chef D creates creative dishes with accents from her training and travels.  Recently she was so inspired that she decide to expand her knowledge of our specialty grill and spent time this year (in January) working with a Michelin Star chef at his Five star restaurant in Baja Mexico.  We are excited to share with you some of these bold new flavors, that she has taken from her recent experience, on this years menu at "Fuego." 

When you join us at Fuego grill & outdoor kitchen, you will see that most of the seating for our restaurant is located on our outdoor patios overlooking the rolling hills of the vineyard.  In addition, we have tried to create an oasis for people and for our resident hummingbirds (after all we also are called Hummingbird Ridge Distillery) so as you sit overlooking the view don't be surprised if you are personally visited many times by hummingbirds as they drink from one of our dozens of feeders surrounding our outdoor patio.  Also, we do have additional seating indoors if the weather is not suitable for outdoor seating while you visit with us. We opened this new concept seasonal restaurant for the first time last spring in 2019 and had an amazing response.  Our goal this year was to make new updates and open with even more passion however, as we all know the pandemic changed all that.  

Even though restaurants recently were allowed to open in Kentucky with a very limited seating capacity of 33% we decided to hold back on our opening because we are also a winery and a full service bar and unfortunately the governors office has not told wineries when they can open in the state.  However, we hope and anticipate this to be by the end of June and are therefore setting this years opening date for Friday July 3rd- by reservation only.  We will be placing a new reservation system on our website in the next few weeks and are working on revising our menu to better accommodate lunches and picnics on the weekends while at the same time continue to bring you some of these amazing flavors through our FREE delivery service

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