Our Vintner

Chris and Denise Nelson produced their first wine as a labor of love when they wanted a wine made especially for their family to enjoy on their wedding day. After their wedding, they both realized they wanted to continue offering what they did well, “making good wines people enjoyed!”

After planting over 330 vines, nurturing them along and over 200 medals won on the many different wines made over the years, that same labor of love goes into each and every bottle of wine made just as it did over a decade ago in Kentucky! Chris takes great pride in all of the Chrisman Mill grape wines being made from 100% Kentucky Grapes, supporting the Kentucky vineyard growers throughout the state. Chris and Denise welcome you into their family and hope you will enjoy the labor of love that still continues in every wine we produce!

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We are OPEN on Fridays & Saturday from 11am-9pm- serving lunch and dinner. Also check out our organic bakery and coffee bar!

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