Chrisman Mill bottle labels are as unique as our wines!

At Chrisman Mill Winery & Vineyard, we are so blessed to have an artist in the family when it came to designing our labels. Denton Lund, a native of New Jersey & Denise’s father, possessed a natural artistic aptitude from early childhood and was encouraged by family to develop his abilities in painting and drawing. After serving a tour of duty with the Navy, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in New York City and went on to receive his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. He became a successful commercial illustrator and design artist in New York City, but it wasn’t until he moved to New Mexico that he fulfilled his dream of working as a serious painter of Western, Native American, and wildlife themes. He then moved into the area of visionary art. Deftly combining elements of impressionism with highly realistic portraiture.

While living in New Mexico, he started experimenting with the materials he used to create his Western and wildlife art. He realized that oil and canvas did not achieve the look he wanted, and he knew that the thinner dyes from his commercial illustrations did. He experimented with thinning paints and started making his own canvas.

Denton creates his own canvas by using layers of silk-like material, rather than traditional cotton. By layering and bonding the material that is attached to stretcher bars, he is able to work from within the surface outward to the finished piece. He starts by sketching out the image in burnt sienna oils on the fabric. While the paints are still wet, Denton adheres a second layer of material. The process is repeated several times using thinned, wet paint that saturates the layer above. The finished painting has color reflecting upward from the inner layers as well as the pigment and shadowing that is applied to the outer surface.

“I am continuously striving to stretch beyond my limitations and parameters in the process I use, in the themes I select, in the subjects I render, and in the colors I express in my paintings. Each act of
painting, as it becomes more spontaneous, also becomes a satisfying journey of delight and discovery.”

His art has gained a wide audience and the respect of both critics and peers. He currently resides in northeast Wyoming
near the Black Hills of South Dakota.

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Creating Layered Canvas

by Denton Lund

I had always believed that if my paints become PART of the canvas instead of merely SITTING on the surface, I could attain an added dimension to my paintings. In my desire to create a stronger, more flexible painting surface, I’ve developed a layering technique using various materials and special bonding agents. The result is a much STRONGER canvas that offers me the opportunity of working from WITHIN the surface as well as on top of it. I begin with a silk-like material that I attach to stretcher bars. I sketch out the image in burnt sienna oils and while the paints are still wet, I adhere a second layer of material. I use my oils thinned to a consistency as to saturate the layers and I will(again using oils)either develop it further or hold back unwanted areas. The process is repeated again and again, depending on the size of the painting. Large paintings are sometimes layered 4 or 5 times. The adherents I use in my layering process have been developed throughout the past twelve years and I now have constructed a surface that (because it is saturated with color) gives my paintings greater depth and (depending on the final surface material used in the layering process) a smooth or textured surface. Finally, the paintings are lightly varnished and waxed as the old masters did long ago. The layered canvas paintings are extremely strong and durable and can be cleaned with a soft cloth.

American Blackberry

American Blackberry - Currently Not Available

Enjoy sweet, syrupy pleasure produced from supremely ripened blackberries grown in the Pacific Northwest.

Goes fantastically well with chocolate desserts and cheesecake.

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Vineyard Reserve

​First Vineyard Reserve

A full-bodied red wine, similar in style to a fine Chianti Classico, this wine is produced from a blend of Chambourcin, Norton and estate-grown Cabernet Franc grapes hand-selected on the crush pad each fall by our winemaker. The final blend is assembled and aged for 12-16 months in Kentucky-coopered American oak barrels.

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Honey Mead

Honey Mead - Currently Not Available

A delicately sweet wine made from honey, yeast and water. Mead was the “Nectar of the Gods” in ancient Greece, and our mead is just as good. A unique taste experience, our mead is made in a light, fruity style that even makes the honey bees happy.

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A full-bodied red wine made from Norton, also known as Cynthiana and the only red grape native to America capable of producing world class red wines. Norton has a deep garnet color and flavors characterized by earthly elements accented with brown spice flavors of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove.

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Norton Reserve

Norton Reserve - Currently Not Available

A full-bodied, age-worthy red wine made from only the ripest of grapes hand- selected on the crush pad each fall by our winemaker to be fermented separately in small lots. The wine is then aged for 12-16 months in Nadalie French Oak. This wine has an inky purple color, massive fruit tannins, and higher alcohol than our regular Norton bottling. Produced in extremely limited quantities with the “big red” wine drinker in mind, this beauty exemplifies all that is possible with the Norton grape.

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Sweet Riverbend Red

Sweet Riverbend Red

We proudly present to you our 2008 Indy International Wine Competition GOLD MEDAL winner. This Kentucky born and bred delicious sweet red wine is made from a unique blend of grapes grown exclusively in Kentucky. This sweet red wine is perfect enjoyed on its own or in a sangria.

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Vidal Blanc

Vidal Blanc

A semi-sweet wine similar in style and flavor to a Riesling, but made from Vidal grapes selected from vineyards around central Kentucky. A bouquet of honeysuckle and apple is followed by soft, ripe flavors of pear and fig in this delicious wine. Our biggest seller for its broad appeal to a variety of palates.

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Sweet Jessamine Rose

Sweet Jessamine Rose

A delicious sweet & fruity bluch wine made from a blend of locally grown Vidal Blanc and several red grapes including Chambourcin, Chancellor Foch and Baco Noir. This wine resembles a White Zinfandel in style, but with more pronounced floral aromas, tropical fruit, and fresh strawberry flavors.

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