So what is an  Argentinian Parrilla?

Men known as Gauchos in Latin America, (these were the legendary cattle wrangling figures) cooked their meals on makeshift grills which were the original parrilla grills.  

These gauchos believed the only way to get the the best flavors from fresh grass fed beef was achived by cooking with wood over low embers, with no direct flame touching the steak. “Parrilla” means grill, and refers to the actual open-fire wood hearth and grates where meat is cooked. "What I love about this unique grill, besides the amazing flavors it imparts to the meat, is its unique design. Authentic gaucho grills have a unique ‘V’ grate which in turn channels the juices away from the meat into a drip tray reducing flare ups and hot spots" says Chef Dee. Parrillas offer a unique, all natural cooking and eating  experience that add a depth of flavor that just is not possible on a traditional gas grill.