Blackberry Wine- the fruit, the wine, the food

THE FRUIT: Chrisman Mill's Blackberry wine is made from blackberries grown in the Pacific Northwest. Our winemakers goal is to try to balance the tartness of wild-grown blackberries with the residual sweetness in the wine to recreate the experience of eating a blackberry picked straight off of the vine in the middle of summer.

THE WINE: Blackberry: This wine is this wine is created as a syrupy sweet dessert-style wine that is very concentrated to the taste so we traditionally sever it in smaller portions or in cordial glasses. It is a sipping dessert wine that is amazing with chocolate, and desserts featuring chocolate.

THE PAIRING: As a Chef one of my favorite things to do with Chrisman Mill's Blackberry wine to reduce it down and create very concentrated sauces that I will use in anything from BBQ to salads to desserts. It is however most amazing by itself with just dark chocolate.

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