Sweet Jessamine Rose- the grapes, the wine, the food

THE GRAPES: Sweet Jessamine Rose Wine is made from a winemakers blend of our locally grown Vidal Blanc grapes and a red grape grown on our property called Chancellor. Both of these grapes are considered French American Hybrids in that they are more hardy and less disease suseptable than other grapes like Cabernet and Chardonnay.

THE WINE: Sweet Jessamine Rose: This wine is similar in flavor to a “white Zinfandel” blush-style wine, but with a lot more flavor! We often taste fresh strawberries and other berry flavors in this wine, which balances the tart berry flavors with just the right amount of residual sweetness to pair well with a variety of salads, appetizers and other dishes.

THE PAIRING: As a Chef one of my favorite things to do with this wine is to make salad dressings with it, sauces for toppings of meats and pasta dishes and of course use it in desserts. It is amazing to enjoy with just a bowl of fresh berries and cream!

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