The Amazing Grill @ "Fuego"

We are very excited to be open at the vineyard again, especially since we now can offer not only the wonderfully relaxing experience of spending a couple of hours enjoying our Chrisman Mill wines in a beautiful vineyard and garden setting, but also enhance the experience further by offering spirits and cocktails from our newly-opened Hummingbird Ridge Distillery and exciting dishes created from our new restaurant, Fuego. We chose the name “Fuego” (Spanish for “fire”) because we wanted to tie the Latin-inspired cuisine that we prepare from fresh, cleanly-produced, locally-sourced ingredients to the unique Argentine, open-fire wood grill that we brought in to give our dishes their amazing flavors.

We were greatly inspired to embark on our latest restaurant venture by a trip to the northern Baja in Mexico where we dined at a superb restaurant that was using a large Parilla, or “Gaucho” grill. The design for this grill originated in Argentina, where they are known for their beef and their style of grilling to obtain unique, fantastic flavors in their grilled fare. The grill’s unique design features are a deep, open-top fire box, and grill plates that can be raised and lowered as desired during the grilling process to dial in perfect cooking temperatures in the meats and vegetables that are grilled on them. But the secret to this style of grilling and the wonderful flavors produced by our grill lies in the way that the wood in the fire box burns slowly, thereby continuously producing smoke that provides the slowly-cooking meats and vegetables with smoked flavors that have to be tasted to be believed.

So there you have it. We have given away the secret to why our visitors are raving about our food! But please don’t keep it a secret- come see us to experience all of this for yourself, and tell your friends as well! We have your table amongst the vines waiting for you!

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