Vidal Blanc- the grape, the wine, the food

THE GRAPE: Vidal Blanc is a hardy hybrid grape that is grown in Canada and the northeastern United States. It is best known as one of the ice wine grape of Canada. In the US, wineries use this grape to make everything from dry to sweet wines like ice wines. At Chrisman Mill this grape is grown in abundance and in a good year a vine of this grape can produce over 10-12 (4) pound clusters.

THE WINE: Vidal Blanc: This wine honors the varietal of the same name, which is a staple grape for white wine production in the northeastern US. Although the wine made from Vidal resembles Riesling in aromatics and flavor, the grape is actually a descendent of the Italian grape, Trebbiano. We often smell and taste honeysuckle, pear, tart apples and maybe even a touch of fig in our Vidal, which is fermented only in stainless steel to preserve fresh fruit aromas and flavors. We sometimes call this our “sweet-tart” wine, and when well-chilled, it pairs nicely with a variety of dishes.

THE PAIRING: For a Chef this is an amazing wine because of its adaptability to pair so well with so many dishes. Chrisman Mill's Vidal Blanc wine is finished in an "OFF DRY" fashion, meaning it is not considered a dry wine nor is it considered a sweet wine. Because it starts with a hint of sweetness and finishes off with a dry note this wine brings so many foods to life. It pairs best with any dish that has a hint of spice or heat but not too much heat because it could be overshadowed with too much heat and then taste like water. It is also amazing with sweeter dishes that have that accent of of spice. This is an amazing wine that is very popular because it appeals to not only our dry wine drinkers but also it appeals to our sweeter wine drinkers. As a Chef this is my signature go to wine that I use in sauces, salad dressings and even desserts, I find when adding this to any dish it takes that dish up to another level.

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